Today is Friday the 25th of October, in the Twenty-Ninth Week of Ordinary Time.

Saviour of my soul, this day keep me whole. Can I join in this prayer, as I listen?  Whatever turmoil there is within me, whatever failings and shortcomings of mine I am aware of, can I present myself now to the One who knows and understands and forgives all of that,  - the One who, knowing what I’m like, has given himself freely for my sake - and trust myself entirely to his mercy?

Today’s reading is from the Letter to the Romans.

It’s a fact of life that we don’t always measure up to our own expectations.  We want to be good and avoid sin, but we can’t seem to get it right.  With the best will in the world, it’s as if we were wired for failure.   How do you feel about that? -  Is this your own experience of yourself?

Saint Paul is really up-front about this conflict in himself, but he ends on a note of thanksgiving.  Why is he not depressed about his failures, d'you think?  What is he thanking God for?

As you listen again, do you feel the same sense of failure?  Do you feel the same sense of thanksgiving?  Can you feel both these things at once?

Speak to God now in these closing moments of prayer.  What do you want to say to God about your failures?  What do you want to say thank you for?